What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) or Direct Operator Billing (DOB), is an online mobile payment method which allows users to make purchases by charging payments to their mobile phone carrier bill or their prepaid mobile account. It is extremely versatile and can be integrated into all digital platforms whether web, mobile, or even consoles.

DCB is becoming mainstream with major platforms like: Google Play, XBox Store, Windows Store, and all Apple stores and service. A new research study predicts that DCB will generate $9 billion annually by 2022, more than threefold increase from 2017’s figure of $2.9 billion

Reach More Customers

DCB is extremely useful to help merchants and online businesses reach customers:

  • In markets where Credit Cards are not widely used. In some markets credit cards penetration is less than 3% while each customer holds a phone in his hand.
  • In markets with good credit card usage for unbanked segments like: Low Income, Youth, and Young Professionals.
  • Any customer who is concerned about using credit cards online – both in developing countries and undeveloped.

Convert More Customers

DCB scores up to 10x better conversion rates when compared with credit cards. DCB offers customers a much shorter checkout process using the device they always keep in hand. Yet, a DCB transaction is as safe and secure as a credit card transaction.

Powerful Subscription (Recurring) Billing

DCB offers the flexibility to offer yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily recurring subscription plans.

Weekly and Daily plans are a great option to eliminate barrier of entry compared with the more expensive: monthly and yearly plans.

Free trials are also available so customers try a service before committing to a subscription.


From Real Customer Case Studies in the UAE

19% Lower Advertising Cost

Our partners are saving 19% of their advertising budgets. We simply employ our deep understanding and rich knowledge of Telco systems and related business rules to help our partners acquire the right category of customers.

Full UAE Incorporation

Mobile World is UAE main-land company that operates under the full jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates laws. Mobile World is not a free zone company nor off-shore registered entity.

49% More Revenue

How, When, and What to charge is different and depends on user behavior. It is also market and operator specific with huge differences that needs to be considered. We simply do that and in the UAE we achieved 49% more revenue for a set of services from the same customer base compared to others.

Customer Care and Operator Management

We are the front line of customer care. For all cases that come through the Telco your involvement as a merchant is very limited and our integration and logging engines are done to minimize the burden of such cases.

Deep Rooted UAE Local Knowledge

We bring clear advice on the UAE local culture, generally accepted behavior, and the local customers expectations in one of the most diverse communities in the World. We will take care of all of this for you so you can focus on your own business.

1 and Only Technical Integration

We actually deliver on the promise of “One Integration”. We know how to manage the complexity of different operator and regulatory requirements so you never need to work again on an integration. Your first integration is the last.




No Bot Builders

No Bot Builders, But Custom Built Bots that Actually Work

You will deal with our team – not an online Bot builder – for the whole process until launch. We believe that Bots are new thus templates are standardized-blocks cannot deliver the required value.

Seamless Bot + Human Setup

Bots can work alone but also can transfer sessions and requests from customers to a human service agents when needed. This means that Bots are focused on repetitive tasks or automated processes while human can take care of more complex interactions. Also, when a human agent finished a complex interactive session with a customer, he/she can close the session by transferring the customer to a Bot to finish an automated process.
Automate Repetitive Tasks and Processes

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Processes

Bots are made for and excel in Repetitive tasks – not humans. Robots are everywhere in the physical world such as factories, farms, and more working on such repetitive tasks. This is the time when digital robots will take over such tasks and processes in the digital world.

24x7 - All time and at any time

Customers demand any time access and brands and business that cannot provide such access will be negatively perceived by customers. Conversational Bots offer the most human-like automated experience consistently and at any time.


Here are 6 reasons why you should expedite the adoption of this Chat Bots.

Lower Call Center and Operational Costs

Chat Bots help you automate a large portion of your call center and customer service operations effectively and consequently brings down your overall operational costs.

Reach 100% of Your Audience with WhatsApp

In the UAE, with a WhatsApp based Chat Bot, you can reach to 100% of your audience. You can also complement such reach with a Chat Bot in your App, Website, or even Facebook Messenger. So, make sure your Chat Bot is available on WhatsApp.

Best Engagement with Customers

In messenger App – especially WhatsApp – users exhibit a very fast response time to the messages that they receive. On WhatsApp for example, 62.7% of the users respond in less than 2 minutes. Simple – if you want quick response, use a Chat Bot over WhatsApp.

Less IT and Development Efforts

Compared to a Mobile App or a Website, a Chat Bot is much simpler and requires much less effort from the UI/UX side. Think of a new release of iOS or a browser and all the needed changes on all your Mobile Apps and Web Apps to make sure it is still working properly and as intended. For Chat Bots, as long as the messenger App or Website are working fine, then the Chat Bot should work as well.

Messaging is #1 Mobile Use Case

Chat Bots fits in and blends with the most use case of Mobile usage – messaging. To quantify this human habit, people around the world spent more than 85 Billion hours using WhatsApp between May and July 2018. We always use our WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or the favorite messaging App. A Chat Bot is just another chat session that we engage with – effortlessly.

Most Human Like Digital Experience

Many of the Chat experiences that we find in Websites, Mobile Apps or other digital channels are actually Chat Bots. A lot of times, we do not realize that! Because a well designed Chat Bot will behave and respond in a natural way as we expect from a human.